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Recent Questions: Asked and Answered

What is the meaning of life?

To come to know God and to choose to follow him.

What does "fist to cuff" mean?

It is an older term that used to refer to a good old fashion fist fight. Man to man, one on one, duking it out.

What is the Mass? Why do we need to go to Mass other than for the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist? Why is it relevant to our lives as Christians

The Mass is a weekly celebration that we're invited to attend, but that is also an obligation of our faith. (Really, it is the only thing Jesus asked of us and since he did die for us and our sins, it is not asking much.) Other than for receiving the Holy Eucharist, it is important for us to go to Mass to get to know our Church family and Christ better through the community gathered and through the sharing of Christ Word. Think of it this way: If you didn't visit your Grandma or relatives, you wouldn't know them and you wouldn't have a meaningful relationship with them. Our relationship with Christ works the same way. We need to visit him to get to know him better and we need to visit our Church family to come to know them and see Christ in them. Why is it relevant? Well, the Bible it self is hard to read and interprete sometimes and it is a bit dated, but at Mass the Priest helps us understand His Word better by relating it toour lives today and showing us how those same teachings and lessons from 2000+ years ago could be easily applied today.

What is "Ask Franny?"

Ask Franny is our way of answering all those imporant questions you have about life and religion.


Francis S. is one of our team leaders who has earned the title of the "Answer Man" with his sense of humor and wit, impressive and confusing vocabulary and his endless wealth of knowledge exhibited through his own personal sharing and knowledge of random trivia facts pertaining to everything from religion to music, pop culture to advertising slogans.


While Franny doesn't claim to have all the answers, he is willing to help you find them and our team of core leaders along with our Friars is willing to help as well. If you have a question about life or faith, we'll do our best to give you what we think is the best answer we have. Keep in mind, Jesus is the one with infinite widsom, but we'll try our best.


Ask Franny questions can be submitted at Youth Group using our "Ask Franny" box or you can submit a question online using the form below. Be aware that it may take a few days for us to get your questions and send a reply. We'll never post answers to the website containing the name of the sender or anyone else for that matter aside from Franny's name!

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